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Flippy woke up to the sun shining on his face, he stretched and yawned thinking of what he should do on spring weekend, he didn't have to work at the library because lammy was taking his place so he thought of hanging out with lumpy because well, lumpy is fun to hang out with!
" I wonder if lumpy likes donuts...." flippy thought, he knew lumpy liked cheese and would not like donuts. Flippy shook his head and got out of his bed and pit on his jacket and boots.
After heading outside to his car, he noticed that his phone started buzzing and vibrating, it was cuddles texting him again... flippy sighed and put his phone back in his pocket, started his car and drove away.
Meanwhile at petunia's house handy was running and splashing in the wet puddles on the ground from last night's rain storm, he had another flower clutched in his teeth, red with a bright green stem. Handy then ran happily to the door thinking petunia would be happy that he was visiting her once again.
Handy walked up to the door and gently taped his nuby arm lightly on the doorbell ( unlike last time...). Petunia was in the kitchen making tea when she heard the taping and ran towards the door and opened it.
" Hello Handy! I see you are back, please come in and make yourself comfortable!" Petunia gushed, handy walked over to the coach and sat down, his scarf landing on his lap.
" Here, I hought huu hu hower!" Handy muffled as his head pointed toward petunia, she gasped and grabed the flower from his teeth and blushed.
" Gosh handy, 20th flower... your too kind!" Handy smiles widely and responded with a nervous grin.
"Oh I almost forgot, I made tea! Would you care for a cup?" Petunia offered, handy started at his nuby arms and scowled, " Well... I don't think I can drink it myself.."
Petunia laughs softy, " Don't worry I'll help you!" She then gets the tray of tea and sets it down on the little brown table in front of handy. Petunia then walked over to handy with a cup full of tea, she sturred it first and put it toward handy's mouth, " Don't worry, i made sure it was warm!" Petunia then reminded him and gently put the cup towards handy's mouth, he gently sips the tea, he then pulled away and said, "Thank you! I haven't had tea or a cup of coffee in years! " Petunia sets the cup on the table and stares at handy knowing she had a crush on him.
" You know handy.... you have been coming over to my house to greet me and i appreciate that. But I want to ask you...... um........ do you like me?" She asked embarrassed, handy's face turned red and in a quick response he shouted " YES!"
Petunia and handy then were looking at eachother in embarrassment, petunia leaned her lips closer to handy's cheek and lightly kissed him. Handy then fell on the coach cotion and was blushing really hard.
" (giggle) anyway... do you mind if i turn on the tv?" She then asked nervously, handy had no response, but petunia turned on the tv anyway. Both of them sat on the coach and sat silently forgetting about the kiss.
Back at flippy's house, flippy was carrying a whole box of donuts torward lumpy's trailer, his phone started buzzing and vibrating again... " DANG IT CUDDLES!!" He shouted in frustration. Lumpy peeked out his window and ran to the door seeing what was wrong.
" What is it !? " lumpy asked, panicking as if there was another death lerking around the neighborhood. Flippy noticed lumpy.                                          
" Oh, sorry to scare ya. Cuddles won't stop texting me about him and toothy going to the comic store."

" That's ok! Hey what do you got in that box?! Cake?"

" No, these are donuts and I was planning to share them with you!"
Lumpy smiled and told flippy to come inside.
When inside lumpy jumped right on his beanbag, he had two blue beanbags in front of a retro tv in his front room, seems like lumpy was spending a day with himself again. Flippy took of his jacket and sat next to lumpy with the box of donuts on his lap.
" Soo, what kind of donuts did you bring me?!" Lumpy asked, jumping up and down on his beanbag excitedly.
" I got some regular donuts but since you like cheese so much, I got you  cheese danish donuts!" Flippy smiled, lumpy quickly grabed one of the cheese danish donuts and shoved it in his mouth.
" Well, I see your enjoying it already... So what have you been doing this week?" Flippy asked trying to start up a conversation, lumpy swallowed up his donut and responds, " Well, I went to the store to see what mole was up to because you know, he always works at the deli on Friday's, well anyway i went to the deli to see mole standing at the counter, which he looked like he was staring at the ham and stuff, idk.. maybe he was hungry."
" Gosh, that mole. You can tell he is blind.. I don't know why he would work their knowing it includes meat cutting and cheese grating"
" Well anyway.. I asked if he was ok and he slightly noded, yea, he's extremely quiet... But I just started up a conversation about how the Greeks made cheesecake and well... that was it, then I left."
Flippy munched on his donut and thought of what he should say. " was that all you did this week?" He asked
" No, I also went to your house on Thursday to ask you for sugar and for the rest of the week i cut logs and spent nights at my cabin!" Lumpy nervously smiles knowing flippy was not amused, " Could you tell me what you did this week?"
Flippy brightens up and nods
" I went over to Flaky's house, did I ever tell you she is such a nice and beautiful girl!?" Flippy gushed, " Idk, at some point of my life i fell in love with her but I got over it when I bought my tv!" Lumpy responded, flippy laughs while lumpy grabs another donut and starts eating while flippy talks.
" Well anyway, I went over to her house and boy was she tired, her flakes have multiplied and her hair was all puffy. She let me come inside and as usual i asked if she was ok, her usual response it a really soft yea, it's really cute!" Flippy blushes and quickly grabed another donut abd stuffed it in his mouth. Lumpy then sat up and turned on the tv, flippy also got out his phone. Their conversations stop, but they were both still enjoying their donuts .
Back at petunia's house, both handy and petunia were laughing and talking while the tv was quietly on. " And there was this one time when I had to clean that huge blue stain on giggles' floor, gosh was that really gross, i almost passed out right on the spot!" Petunia then told handy, he nodded and looked at petunia, blushing nervously again. " W-well thats one thing I like about you! You are so clean and tidy and so... so beautiful..." petunia blushes and laughs, "Oh you!" She playfully shoves him and they both sat their laughing.
All of a sudden, a loud bang is heard from outside petunia's window. " Great, another rainstorm! Spring is a pain it the tail isn't it!" Petunia said walking toward the window to shut the curtains, handy laughs, still blushing and sweating, " I kinda enjoy the weather because of those puddles! They remind me of the lake!" Handy daydreams thinking of that day when he was called in to fix russle's boat, all handy was focused on was the beautiful lake.
" I enjoy that too.. But my guests bring in to much mud and- wait... did you wipe your feet before you came in?!" Petunia panicked, handy nodded and told her that he already did.
" Phew, I thought you got mudon these carp-" petunia noticed handy was leaning on her lap, he looks at her with  his big eyes, and once again their eyes were locked onto eachothers. Petunia giggles and leans in toward handy's mouth and kissed him on his lips, both kissed eachother for a long time. Handy got back up at his original position and both started kissing again.
The lightning ruined the perfect moment, petunia let go of handy's mouth and screamed, startled because of the loud noice, she then squeezed handy into a frightened hug.
" It's ok... im here." Handy gently says to her as she clutched onto handy's shirt.
Lumpy also heard the loud bang and looked out the window spotting nutty running around in a ball of flames screaming. " Seems like nutty is having a fun time right fli- flippy are you okay!?" Lumpy saw that flippy was staring at the tv with bags around his eyes and bright yellow eyes, he heard the thunder, too.
Lumpy panicked but then saw a glimpse of a cup of water by his flower pot on the window, he ran over to flippy and soaked him in water.
" GASP!!!"
" Man, flippy you got to stop doing that!"
" Doing what!?"
" Looking all creepy and killer- like"
Flippy looked out the window and toward lumpy and sighed... " You should already know I have PTSD...." he sadly told lumpy. Lumpy bent over and gave his neighbor a big hug ( even though he was wet) which made flippy relaxed and both huged eachother until a news alert came on tv.
Flippy's phone buzzed once again and he saw that cuddles was texting him pictures of the comics he and toothy got. All of the comics were splendid related.
" Hey lumpy, look what cuddles sent me!" Flippy said excitedly as he gave his phone to lumpy, lumpy smiled and gasped, " I have one of thoses comics!"
Lumpy got up and ran to his room, flippy turned off his phone and looked away from the tv which was showing pictures of the burning building, he looked out the window and noticed the sun was shining and the dark clouds were disappearing.
" I have the 2nd bo- Hey! The storm is over! YAY!!" Lumpy ran around the room and picked up flippy, both spinning around the room dancing and laughing.
" Gee, I've been here for a while... I think I need to go." Flippy says, lumpy smiled and gave him another hug. " Maybe tomorrow we could hang out and read my comic if you want..." lumpy asked, flippy looked up at lumpy and nodded.
" That sounds like a deal!" He said raising his fist to declare a fist bump. Lumpy smiled once more and gave a fist bump back.
Flippy got his coat and boots on, lumpy waved to flippy as he left out his trailer door and in seconds flippy was gone, lumpy smiled knowing he can hang with flippy tomorrow, lumpy walked over to his beanbag sleepily and passed out right on the beanbag.

You might me wondering what handy and petunia are up to right!? Well, handy and petunia both heard the thunder and the breaking news but both never noticed nutty dead in flames on the road with a fire truck outside trying to revive him from death.
Petunia and Handy were snuggled in a blanket leaning toward eachother, then heading into a light eskimo kiss.
" I'm glad that storm is over..." Handy said blushing while leaning his head on petunia's shoulder.
" Ikr!? It got so terrible that that poor bakery was burnt in flames... i don't think this city is ready for spring!" Petunia told handy but he was lightly snoring on her shoulder.
" You know I love you, right?" She softly said rubbing his forehead, handy secretly smiled and blushed once again, looks like he has won petunia's heart and took the prize of staying the night and lumpy and flippy's friendship has grown stronger ever since the storm...

Looks like everything will be alright! Well... exept for nutty

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Hi, welcome to my world of art, HTF, and other junk... One of my dreams was to be on devientart and show everyone my art. I am always so inspires by Happy Tree Friends because it is fun to watch and it is really popular, i am now working on my art and will be getting better at drawing as long as i stay on devientart!

Wait.. one more thing is if you like htf i want to know who is your favorite, mine's is flaky ( or toothy)
put in comments and also enjoy the rest of your day! -Allanna


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